Thank you so much to had choose to visit our web site.

We had realizide this new web site with the intent to let know at all the dancers of the world our creations and our services, to make them visible and accessible to everyone.

Our intention is to have a direct contact with who reads us, trying always to offer the best service.

At the Atelier Flashdance apart the exhibition of her dresses, there can be able to see and buy different kind of materials and accessories, multifacted fabrics of top quality, self tan, fringe, feather, stones Swarovski etc...

Besides we have a vast arrangement of Ray Rose shoes.

We have also the possibility to order shoes Dance Naturals.

For any information, doubt or questions please don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer at all your request.

In the end we remember that in Atelier is always present a designer.